How does this service work?

We offer our clients hassle free, private and convenient; as well as a user friendly environment for both our Clients and Tutors.

I need help with my homework, what do I need?

You simply need to register with us at the sign up option, then post your assignments and specify your budget. Also, ensure the description and all files necessary are uploaded. Our Expert Tutors will bid and then you can choose one of them based on their expertise and reviews

I am an aspiring Tutor, How can I become part of your team?

Submit your application through Tutor Sign up, then follow the steps outlined in the registration. After registering, contact us via support@homeworknest.com for further advice, screening and verification.

A tutor did not meet the instructions

Do not worry, discuss with the tutor via chat or messages and explain what you need adjusted for free!
If the Tutor does not respond immediately, allow them about 5 hours, we shall re-assign your work to another tutor to ensure that our service guarantee is met. Reach us fast via support@homeworknest.com